Berenguer Dolls - Realistic Lifelike Baby Dolls

Berenguer dolls are designed in Spain by famous doll designer, Salvador Berenguer. Each and every doll in the Berenguer collection are designed and sculpted by hand to warm the hearts of young children and doll collectors alike.
For more than 50 years, Berenguer has been a leading brand of realistic baby dolls by creating top quality, highly detailed, irresistable dolls for children and adults of all ages to collect and play with.
If you've been looking for a baby doll that has all the wrinkles and rolls of a real baby, Berenguer dolls are for you!
There are many different sizes, shapes and ethnicities to choose from in our Berenguer doll collection.

Our Top Featured Berenguer Dolls

Berenguer La Newborn

The original Berenguer La Newborn dolls are created with top quality materials and are highly detailed. They are amazingly realistic, irresistably cute and are sure to be a child's favourite.

The La Newborn dolls are the perfect weight and size, making them look and feel real as well as making it easy for little arms to hug and hold.
Berenguer Mini La Newborn
These Mini La Newborn Berenguer dolls are simply adorable. They are perfectly sized (9") for little hands and are dressed in cute knit outfits.
Berenguer Lola & Friends
Our collection of Lola & Friends by Berenguer dolls is possibly the most irresistable range of happy, cuddly, lifelike baby dolls around. With their cute, happy expressions, you will find it hard to take your eyes off them.
Lots To Love 5 Inch Berenguer Dolls
These little dolls are simply adorable. Only 5 inches in size, they fit in the palm of your hand. Each doll makes up a part of the mini nursery. Choose from 6 different designs or collect them all!